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Demonstrative evidence for attorneys

Library Stories

​Nimmer's work for Friends of the Library organizations to help promote Public Libraries. 

SEA DELIGHT - A Short Film about Sustainable Fishing Practices in Vietnam?​

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Larry Nimmer

Larry Nimmer of Nimmer Pictures has been producing film and video projects since 1975. He has several Emmy nominations for his work in TV News and documentaries. Nimmer wears many hats including producer, director, cameraman, writer and video editor. He has produced programming for such clients as Michael Jackson, Sea Delight Tuna,  MTV, Youtube.  


D'Art TV Show in Production


LIBRARY STORIES - Nimmer Produced a series of Library Videos for the Santa Barbara Foundation​

Kiosk Promotions

The Video Kiosk is a stand alone device to allow people to record and upload selfie videos 

Everyone Has a Story

Stories of everyday people.


The Untold Story of Neverland