Nimmer’s Roll Call

Jewish Haiku

Dance Off

Pass the Camerat

Performance Art

Video Guestbook

Family Karaoke

5 Minute Guitar


Community Art

Generation Exchange

Touring with the Candidates


Being Mike-Like

Carp Quiz

Everyone Has a Story

Library Stories

International Student Film Festival

Art for Art

Art-On Outfits

The Voyeur

Wish Tickets

Art Boards

Art for Commerce

Guerrilla Theater

Nimmer’s art is conceptual in nature.  Its emphasis is on the quality of the idea and not necessarily the execution.  The pervasive theme in most of his projects is giving people a platform to express themselves.  Nimmer was introduced to conceptual art in San Francisco in the 1970’s by Dadaism and performance art.  

Conceptual Artist

aka Art Nimrod

Dance for Peace

Love Taps

American Good Humor Man

The Dart

Random Dance Mischief on Movie Set