3. Dance for Peace

(performance and video)     

An annual long-distance Dance from Carpinteria to Santa Barbara in honor of Peace.  In 2017, inspired by the musical Hamilton, Nimmer dressed and danced as Alexander Hamilton.  (2003 – 2018)

7. Burning Man “Wish Tickets”

 (participation & gift)

Inspired by the Burning Man “gift economy”, Nimmer hands out his popular “wish tickets” each year at the Festival. The tickets state “One wish comes true upon Burning”.  (2001 – 2017)  

5. The Voyeur


This was a rear-projection performance on Nimmer’s apartment window in Los Angeles.  Video footage of Nimmer working at his desk, and other unspectacular things, could be viewed by people passing by who would think they were watching Nimmer live, doing actual mundane chores. The scene had actually been shot at a prior time in a different room in his apartment.   (2002)  

6. Man On The Street columns


Nimmer asks local Carpinterians to answer the “question of the week” for the Coastal View News.  . Each week, 5 people of any age and background have an equal opportunity to express themselves on the question. He initially titled the column “Man on the Street”, a traditional media reference, but over time, he has become known as the “ Man on the Street”.  (1996 – present)  

2. Love Taps

(performance & video)

Nimmer and a friend each take a ½ hour to perform “random acts of kindness” in any location and then they meetup to report their “love taps”. 

1. Burning Man “Art-On” Outfits   (installation & interactive)

For the last 17 years, Nimmer has worn second-hand white shirt and white slacks to the annual week-long Burning Man festival.  He writes “Art On” and the year on the pocket filling it with multi-colored markers.   He invites people to write or draw on his outfit for a week. (2001 – 2018) 

8. Video Guestbook

(installation, interactive ,  & website)  


Nimmer developed the video guestbook to allow people to easily leave video comments at a wedding or other venue. He uses a tablet, software and a stand. The user only needs to tap the screen once to start recording and a second tap stops the recording. 

​(2015 - 2018)   

4. Nimmer’s Roll Call

(performance video)

As a high school Video Production Teacher, Nimmer created “Nimmer’s Roll Call” for his students on the last day of class.  In it, Nimmer portrayed each student responding to his roll call, in character as that student. He created a light-hearted way to help them see how they may be perceived by others, as well as a good-humored poke at the teacher, himself.  (1997 – 2008)